Orders Status

Hello everyone!

We are back ordered right now with commissions, and are working hard to finish all our items, masks, plushies, drawings and more. With all this new volume, we’ve decided to add our friend onto the team with us to help with the work load. This business is only me, aiden, and my fiance, demeteraa. Two people make all our products and custom items. We apologize we have grown so fast and have been so busy. This is our full time job, and lives. We appreciate your patience while we work on each order one by one.

If you are concerned feel free to talk to us. If you don’t know already we have an Instagram where we post work in progress pictures of our drawings. We show off our progress on 3d items on YouTube when we can, we need to upload some videos we already shot too. We do not show progress of our cookie cats though because we have a unique pattern that could be stolen.




We are thornguard on Instagram, and kafae latte named as aiden thornguard on YouTube.


Email us at Thornguardart@gmail.com


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